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Premier Honduras was founded in July of 2009 and operates within a 15,000 square foot manufacturing facility in San Pedro Sula in a Trade Free Zone. Development projects include the manufacture of natural sustainable surfactants and emulsifiers (palm oil + glycerin), extracts, vegetable oils, butters (cocoa butter), and seed exfoliants.

Facts and Figures:

World Region: Central America
Surface Area: 112,090 km2
Population: est 7.79 million
Topography: Mountainous terrain
Climate: Tropical to Subtropical climate, depending on elevation.
Ecology: The country is host to more than 6,000 species of vascular plants, and about 250 species of reptiles and amphibians, more than 700 species of birds, and 110 species of mammals. The La Mosquitia region, in Northeastern Honduras, has the largest wilderness area in Central America.

Honduras plant


Premier is currently engaged in a project with the local native people of the Mosquitia region to source and harness Red Palm Oil and Palm Kernel Oil in its purest form. The plant from which the oil is harvested is native to the Mosquitia region. Indigenous tribes have been using the power of palm oil for centuries for its benefits to hair and skin. The oil is harvested by hand using the traditional methods, thus preserving the environment. Our palm oil, of the American species (Eleias olifeira) is harvested from the wild, using fully sustainable cultivation methods, setting it apart from the African Palm plantations associated with mass deforestation in regions of the world such as Southeast Asia.

Red Palm Oil is reddish in color due to its high content of beta-carotene, which is present in higher amounts than in regular palm oil and 30 times more than is contained in carrots. Palm Oil is the largest natural source of Tocotrienol, a member of the vitamin E family and the essential fatty acid, Linoleic Acid. It also has a higher bioavailability of antioxidant nutrients than other vegetable source and is a particularly important dietary oil for people who are not taking a vitamin E supplement.

Current Products and Development

American Palm Kernel Oil Sustainable
(Elaeis Olifeira (Palm) Oil)

American Red Palm Oil Sustainable
(Elaeis Olifeira (Palm) Oil)

Cocoa Powder Sustainable
(Theobroma Cacao {Cocoa} Seed Powder)

Cocoa Butter Sustainable and Organic
(Theobroma Cacao {Cocoa} Seed Butter)

Swa Oil Sustainable (Andiroba)
(Carapa Swaianesis)

Premier goes organic!
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