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Premier Specialties, Inc. is a privately owned international company headquartered in Middlesex, New Jersey that manufactures Fragrance Compounds, Flavor Compounds, Cosmeceuticals, and Natural Cosmetic Specialties. Established in 1998, the Company has achieved success and sales with today’s leading U.S. cosmetic, personal, household and food multinational corporations by providing innovative creations in cosmeceuticals and quality fragrances and flavors at very competitive prices, using novel concepts.

We have invested money in state of the art operating / manufacturing systems, including a large investment in technologies such as Mass Spectrometry and Gas Chromatography. With the creative and analytical capabilities of our technology and people, we are as well equipped, if not better, than companies ten times our size. More importantly, we are entrepreneurs; eager, enthusiastic, and very flexible to meet the needs of our clients.


The heartbeat of the Company is our team of Perfumers and Marketing Specialists. They have an unmatched passion for excellence. This results in inspirational fragrances for your specialized products and needs.

We pride ourselves on our ability to produce organic and natural fragrances and flavors; and, our concerned creative team is focused on formulating low VOC and regulations-compliant products. Our fragrances comply with the IFRA Code of Practice and we modify our formulas to keep compliant with the latest Amendments.

Our creative team continually researches market trends in fashion, color, home decor, and fragrances. We will be glad to review your current product lines so that we can help you enhance and expand your market share. Our strong partnerships with our clients are what create successful and innovative market products.


Since our inception, the Company has been committed to a holistic approach to the sourcing and creation of our products. We are proud to say that our botanicals can be traced to the tree or plant of origin.

Premier pioneers to custom source cosmeceuticals from botanicals with a high purity, standardized levels of activity based on strong scientific literature support. This scientific literature support is enhanced by selected clinical trials demonstrating their ability to achieve perceptible improvement in the health and appearance of skin and hair.

Premier is committed to providing our clients with a wide range of certified organic and natural products. We hold our suppliers to the highest standards, requiring documentation and certification for our materials to ensure their quality and authenticity.

Our extensive line of custom-sourced, natural, cosmetic raw materials and botanical extracts include products certified with FSC, and Fair Trade, as well as ECOCERT- and NOP-certified organic products following Control Union and Quality Assurance International standards, respectively. In addition to our certified Organic and Sustainable product lines, we have traced the majority of our natural products to their source to ensure and document their sustainability.

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